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Risks And Means Of Protection In The Welding And Cutting Environment, an innovative book authored by Dr. Ioannis Kordatos & Mr. George Assimacopoulos

This is to announce the publication of a brand new - very innovative book- titled  Risks And Means Of Protection In The Welding And Cutting Environment (ΚΙΝΔΥΝΟΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΡΟΠΟΙ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΕΡΓΑΖΟΜΕΝΩΝ ΣΤΗ ΣΥΓΚΌΛΛΗΣΗ ΚΑΙ ΚΟΠΉ) in Greek.

 It is authored by our BoD member Dr. Ioannis Kordatos owner of Hellenic Welding Association and his colleague Mr. George Assimacopoulos.  

 This extremely readable   book contains 200 pages of detailed, as well as explanatory, information relative to Health and Safety risks generated from Welding and Cutting Processes and the related measures to control them.

 The book is made up of eight chapters and four complementary annexes as follows:

1) Risks and Health Damage due to Noise Pollution in the Welding and Cutting Environment

2) Electricity Risk and its mitigation in the Welding Environment

3) Airborne Contamination and Associated Risks in the Welding & Cutting Environment

4) Radiation Risks  and Protection In the Welding & Cutting Environment

5) Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting Risks- Fire Prevention

6) Ergonomic aspects in the  Welding & Cutting Domain

7) Hands-Arm Vibration  Risks and Mitigation Policies

8) Occupational  Health and Safety Systems pertinent to Welding & Cutting operations.


The four attached appendices deal with:

  1. I) Risk Assessment Methods
  2. II) Case study in calculating a complete weld shop ventilation system.

III)  First Aid Concepts

  1. IV)  List of useful  H&S organizations (in Greece)


This book is aimed at Industrial Technologists, H&S Inspectors, Engineers, Welding Foremen as well as Welding Operators and Welders, Welding Engineers, Production Engineers and  Industrial Management.

There is a plethora of relevant Specifications and Norms as well as guidance for the selection of appropriate PPEs and safety related monitoring instruments and systems.

The authors of this book believe that the treatment of the subject matter , by international standards, is unique providing huge benefits to the end user, as well as industrial organizations.

The book is distributed by the Hellenic Welding Association. Can be ordered via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or  telephone to 00302106256706.


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