WIMA Participation in the 2011 BEIRUT BOAT SHOW

From 18-22nd May 2011, the 7th International Boat & Super Yacht Show (Beirut Boat 2011) was held at La Marina Joseph Khoury in Beirut , Lebanon .

WIMA also participated in the exhibition at the invitation of Capt. Hani El Hajj, CEO of Dolphin Team Yachting – WIMA’s representative for Lebanon – who extended his hospitality and hosted the Association at Dolphin Team’s stand.

Representing WIMA at the exhibition were Mr. Elias Hajiefremidis – member of the Board of Directors, Ms. Carolyna Sardis – Coordinator, and representing their own companies were WIMA’s members, Ms. Vassiliki Politis of Alpha Marine Group and Mr. Bouroutis of Spanopoulos Group.

Also hosted at Dolphin Team’s stand were the companies of future founding members of WIMA Lebanon: FAROS SHIPPING (Capt. Samer Fayoumi), ROBBAN ASSAFINA Magazine (Capt. Haytham Chaaban), ABC SHIPPING (Mr. Sami Ballout), RANA MARITIME (Capt. Ali Haidar), BE MARINE TECHNOLOGY (Capt. Elie Boutros).

During the exhibition several meetings were held with other participants in the Boat Show, for the creation of future cooperation opportunities for our members in Greece , as well as for the promotion of the soon to be established WIMA LEBANON .

Overall, WIMA’s participation in the Beirut Boat Show was anexcellent opportunity for the development of potential business relationships and more importantly for the creation of a solid bridge between the European and Arabic markets through both Associations.