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Υπεύθυνος Επικοινωνίας: κ. Ηλίας Χατζηεφραιμίδης

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Πειραιάς 185 36

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Hajiefremidis S.A is a wholly marine oriented company offering a multitude of services to ships owners internationally.

Originally established in 1959 by Mr. Hajiefremidis Apostolos, the company’s initial orientation was to service small coastal vessels around Greek waters.

Over time and always within the marine market, the company steadily grew to where it provided an increased range of services for a greater range of types and size of vessels and to a greater number of ship owners internationally.

Services grew to include: Supply, Bunkering, Manning and assisting the ship owner in any special needs that may arise.

Increasingly during the 1990’s the company oriented itself toward providing exclusive packages of services for all clients such as chartering, crewing, and forwarding services.

During all these years Ethics was the guideline through time, and ethics and high service standards have remained the company’s guideline ever since.

Mr. Elias Hajiefremidis, a graduate in maritime Business at University of Plymouth, UK, joined the company in 1996 as head of the operations department and in time the company grew to a serious international player with increased areas of activities.

Our services:

– Ships agents for all kind of vessels
– Ship Brokers
– Bunkering to all Greek ports
– Yachts agents
– Manning agents
– Crew certification and training courses