Refactory & Insulating Materials



Contact Person: Askitas Nikos (Sales Department)

Boudoutsi 34, Drapetsona

Contact Information:
Tel. +30 210 4614891
Fax. +30 210 4622435

PIROTEK Ltd. active since 1981 in the importation and marketing of refractory and insulating materials and their disposal in the Greek market. Pirotek L.T.D. was the first Greek company importing and distributing of mineral wool in Greece . As a representative-distributor has the famous Rockwool stone wool for application in all sectors, industry-shipping-building in various forms (plates, rolls, shells) and for specialized uses such as:

(passive fire protection, noise deadening, cushion, etc.)

Overall, the company is marketing and other refractory and insulating materials such as:

1. RW – Conlit for passive fire protection ducts, network cable crossing etc..

2. Ceramic Fiber Blankets from company THERMSTRONG.

3. Flexible insulating tubing company L ‘ISOLANTE K-FLEX Italy ..

4. Refractory masses from the Group of companies CALDERYS.

5. Fiberglass (glass cloth) materials from KLEVERS Germany .

6. Coating mastics materials from company FOSTER U.S.Α. (protective mastics insulation, fire resistant mastics, pastes protection from acids, asbestos encapsulation system).

7. Refractory anchors from IRIS.