Machine Shop – Marine & Industrial Repairs



Contact Person : Mr. Petros Orfanidis   

Address :
17 Sfaktirias & 12 Papastratou Str.
PIRAEUS 185 45

Contact Information:

Tel.  +30 210 4082638
Fax. +30 210 4082639

Repair of ship’s engines (all sizes), pumps and all kind of machinery, hydraulic cylinders, compressors etc.

A complete industrial unit, with experienced, certificated and highly trained personnel, consisted of all contemporary skills: Engineers, mechanicals, machinists, platters, piping workers, boiler workers and welders, are at your disposal for any kind of ship repair or reconstruction always according to the specifications required by the Register of Shipping. Furthermore, our company can undertake any type of metallic constructions at old or new industrial units. A well skilled part of our company consists of experienced technicians, specializing in that particular field.

In every case, we have to propose responsible and economic solutions. Using machines of latest technology and synchronous technical methods we accomplish the terminus: Decrease cost and time of completion always according to customer specification and demands.

With our experienced technicians and modern equipment we are able to take care of all aspects of mechanical works:

•    Overhauling main engines and generators.
•    Inspection, cleaning and calibration M/E’s and generator’s pistons.
•    Dismantling, overhauling, inspection and cleaning of turbocharger, blasting and balancing of rotor. Re-assembling.
•    Overhauling M/E’s and generator’s air coolers and chemical cleaning.
•    Opening bearings (crosshead, bottom end, main, thrust, intermediate shaft) for inspection and survey.
•    Tailshaft measurements and test by Magnaflux