Marine Spare Parts Supply



Contact person: Mrs. Zoe Chassoura

15-17, Hatzikyriakou Ave.
PIRAEUS 185 37

Contact Information: /
Tel. +30 210 4522 993 / 210 4522 934
Fax. +30 210 4522 934
Α.Ο.Η. +30 210 4522 993

Zea Maritime Services Inc. (Z.M.S.) was established in April 2009, operating from Piraeus offices (Greece), and managed by Ms Zoe Chassoura, involved with maritime market since 1988, in the field of spare parts’ supply & repair services.

Our goal is always to provide our customers with the most efficient services, keeping high standards for supplied products, constantly evaluating our sources to ensure that we offer best quality parts, at the most competitive prices, at all times.

We are committed to serving the maritime community, supplying ships with spare parts of any make, worldwide, timely and according to customers’ individual request, for Genuine,  O.E.M.,  Licensee or through sub-contractors, accompanied by certificates where applicable.

New partnerships have been established (exclusive representation), enriching our services, such as:

– Representation of Ship’s Agency at Panama Canal & Las Palmas
– Inspection/Maintenance of Lifeboats/Davits
– Fall Preventing Devices (FPDs) supply
– Anqing Daihatsu 5DK-20 parts supply

We can also provide you with our services, through our principals, for following:
– Protection from Piracy attacks
– Ship repairs at Chinese S/Ys

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