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Contact Person: Mr. Manolis Spanos

Adress: Gravias 56
Piraeus – 18545

Contact Information: 

Tel: 2104060600
Fax: 2104612548


Koronakis S.A. is a100% family-owned company which produces hi-tech synthetic and wire ropes for all marine and shipping applications while keeps large stocks of anchors, anchor chains and all sorts of equipment and accessories relative to the deck equipment sector in its own factory in Greece. The company keeps stocks in more than 20 key-ports around the world, thus providing a fast and reliable service to all customers while cutting down expenses at the same time. Koronakis has developed a new way of producting UHMPE (dyneema) ropes, the Kapa Neema and KapaNeema Plus. Other famous products of our Industry are the Kapa Mooring Ropes, Nylon, Flex, Float, Strong, constructions approved by OCIMF, Oil Majors Companies and all known International Certified bodies. Koronakis SA is the leading Industrial – Commercial company with a considerable track record in the Shipping and Marine industry.