Elevator & Escalator Systems manufacturing


Contact name: Mr. Christos Strantzas

Address: Kilkis Industrial Area,
PO Box 25,
Post Code 61 100,
Kilkis, Greece

Contact Information:
E-mail: headoffice@kleemannlifts.com c.strantzas@kleemannlifts.com
Tel: (+30) 23410 38 100
Fax: (+30) 23410 38 200
Website: www.kleemannlifts.com

KLEEMANN is a highly regarded global manufacturer of Complete Lift Systems. Founded in 1983 in Kilkis, Greece, KLEEMANN cultivates an integrated design culture of growth, development and innovation, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the creation of fully customised lift solutions.

Annually, KLEEMANN exports to more than 100 countries worldwide and has well-established manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China. With substantial local presence in 15 countries, KLEEMANN has a global service network and covers technical support to all major ports.

Renowned for its specialised, fully integrated lift solutions, KLEEMANN designs and manufactures hydraulic and traction Complete Lift Systems, freight lifts, residential lifts, anti-vandal lifts, firefighting lifts, earthquake resistant lifts, stair lifts for people with reduced mobility, escalators and moving walks, dumbwaiters, parking lift systems, Service/crew lifts, green lifts offering energy savings of up to 60%, marine solutions and components for lift modernisation.

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