Wireless Remote Monitoring & Performance Analysis System

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LAROS (Lloyd’s award for Technical achievement) is a comprehensive Wireless Remote Monitoring & Performance Analysis system based on innovative hardware and sophisticated software. LAROS unique data collection structure allows fast installation together with expanding flexibility regarding the connectivity/interfaces

LAROS enhanced analytics allow complete vessel situational awareness and profound analysis of all critical ship’s operations in real time. The system can be connected to any point of interest regardless vessels’ age, size or type. It utilizes robust – industry tested – wireless collectors that automatically gather data from any signal source on board and transfer it to the Headquarters onshore.

This dimensional Maritime Data aggregation is fed into LAROS DAS software that facilitates advanced performance analysis featuring dashboards, customized reports & efficiency KPIs. LAROS DAS is also equipped with a wide range of innovative tool Data Analysis System (DAS) for Performance for the entire fleet operations optimization. More info at