Accounting Services / Tax Consultants


Contact Person: Mr. Vassilis Chantzis


9, Epeirou Str.,
Argyroupoli 164 52,

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Tel. +30 213 0280 516, 213 0280 519, 211 7152 740, 210 9953352
Fax.+30 213 0280 514, 213 0054 441

Our company, V.Chantzis and E.Gougoutsis O.E. “Foroepimeleia”  has eighteen years of continuous presence in the accounting and financial sector. Our main goal is to provide the benefit of accounting and tax consulting services concerning all types of enterprises and freelance professionals and also personal accounting for individuals.

The aim of our company is not only the right observation and follow-up of the accounting, taxes, labour and social insurance matters that concern all kinds of enterprises, professionals and individuals, but also the formulation of business plans. This difficult task, in an unfavourable environment of continuous change of laws and harsh tax measures, is successfully undertaken by our well-trained team of twelve experienced associates.

The services that are offered by our company begin with the devising of a business plan and continue with complete accounting services and tax support for 2nd and 3rd category books, computerised accounting as well as the complete tax structure of each enterprise according to its individual needs and the responsible overseeing of labour and social insurance matters. Our long-term presence in the field, the steady growth of our company and our impressive clientele, are the guarantee of the quality of our services.