Marine & Industrial Spill Response

Contact Person: Mr. Nikos Chrysanthopoulos

Schisto Industrial Park (VIPAS)
Block 13,
Keratsiniou-Skaramagas Ave

Contact Details:
Tel. +30 210 40 93 000
Fax. +30 210 46 17 423

EPE was founded in 1977 for the provision of integrated services and products in the field of the marine environmental protection. EPE is a global company that provides a wide range of services including Marine and Industrial Spill Response, Management of Hazardous and non Hazardous Waste, Environmental Rehabilitation and Protection Services, Consulting services, Training Services e.t.c.

EPE supplies antipollution products and materials. The Company also designs, manufactures and trades environmentally friendly water and waste water collection & treatment systems for shipbuilding industries. EPE produces bilge oil water separators (POSEIDON FIT and POSEIDON EVO), fresh water generators (ALIOS EVO) and fresh water disinfection systems (AliosChlor).

EPE has also developed Cathodic Protection Activities and is classified amongst the main specialized suppliers of Sacrificial Anodes internationally, with applications to sub sea infrastructures, shore and land structures, underground pipelines, wind farms, jetties, ships, yachts.