Prisma Electronics at Sea Trade Maritime Middle East 2016 Dubai, UAE

LAROS, Remote Monitoring system,innovative technology was present at the Sea Trade Maritime exhibition in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE    31 October – 2 November 2016

PRISMA ELECTRONICS S.A. people and their GCC partners had the opportunity to meet with the leading Oil and Gas, and Shipping companies from all over the world. Also, they had the chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of LAROS technology on monitoring critical assets such as a vessels’ performance or any type of industrial machinery. The innovation of LAROS architecture and technology was welcomed with enthusiasm by the world’s most demanding engineers, as LAROS is the only platform that provides all answers needed by Technical & Operation Departments of such organizations. The acceptance and recognition of LAROS technology was exceptional and it can be characterized as one of the most promising technologies for what is coming in the future of Oil and Gas global market.