Member News: Visit the Offices of our Member SQLEARN

WIMA team visits the offices of our member – company SQLEARN on 13th October 2017. We would like to thank Mr. Spyros Goumas, Mrs Vicky Stamati, and the SQLEARN team for their hospitality.

SQLearn is a Greek company founded in 2006 and a specialized provider of e-learning services with solutions customized for the shipping industry.

SQLearn provides a web based e-learning system specifically designed for shipping companies, helping crews to access training content and assessments from ashore and from vessels.

SQLearn designs and develops e-learning content according to a company’s needs arising from national and international requirements, flag and trades. SQLearn creates lesson courses that help crews visualize the root cause of an incident and perform reflective learning sessions.

SQLearn’s e-learning facilities and e-learning courses are certified according to relevant ABS standards. Furthermore, SQLearn’s e-learning services are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.