Member News: Visit the Offices of our Member ALPHAMEKS HYDRAULIC SERVICES

WIMA team visits the offices of our member – company ALPHAMEKS HYDRAULIC SERVICES  on 26th May 2017. We would like to thank Mr. Minas Antonakos, CEO, and others for their hospitality.

their company has activities in the sector of consultancy, repairs, manufacture of electrohydraulic systems of vessels. More specifically, their services are applied as follows:

1. In the repair of electrohydraulic systems of tankers, (operating systems, hydraulic valves cargo – bilge – ballast, framo system etc.)
2. In the repair of vessels’ cranes low, medium and high pressure of the following makers: Fukushima – Brattvaag – IHI – Mitsubishi – Kawasaki – Liebherr – Hagglunds – Norwinch etc.
3. In the repair of steering gear – hydraulic winches – hydraulic cylinders – control valves etc.
4. In the repair or replacement of hydraulic pipe lines of low, medium and high pressure.

their company also trades spare parts of all the above manufacturers, as well as electrohydraulic units of control of good operation of pumps, motors, electric valves etc. They also trade units for the flushing of pipe lines, so that achieve the direct and responsible consultancy, manufacture, repair, transformation and maintenance of any type of electrohydraulic systems and hydraulic piping and pipe lines.

Our company is certified by BVQI at ISO 9001:2000. No testimonial 231235.