Expansion Joints – Impellers Manufacturer for the Marine and Industrial Sector


Contact Name: Vaggelis Syrigos

Adress: 27 Aigaleo & Salaminos Str.,
Piraeus 185 – 45,

Contact Information:
E-Mail: info@bellowshellas.com
Tel: +30 210 4116647, +30 210 4134155
Fax: +30 210 4116634
Site: www.bellowshellas.com


BELLOWS HELLAS O.E. was founded on 2000 and has been actively engaging in the fields of shipping and broader manufacturing industry with an accumulated experience of over fifteen years. The company primarily specialises in the following spare parts: Expansion Joints, Impellers, Blowers, Fans, Flexible Metal Hoses, Exhaust Gas Manifolds, Sea Chests, Filter Elements, Flanges and Gaskets.

We are able to offer custom solutions for the whole range of our products while maintaining top quality and short delivery times to ensure customer satisfaction. All products are manufactured in our premises by our specialised and experienced personnel based on detailed engineering drawings created by our design engineer to achieve optimum results in every construction we undertake. The capacity of our new premises has allowed for the increase in our mechanical equipment and in house stock.

As a result, the quality of our products has been enhanced while our delivery times have been significantly reduced.