Our company member OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. the largest electronic security systems company, has founded OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS POLSKA in Warsaw 2 ago to expand further  its trade horizons. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS made an agreement in December 2017 for the exclusive distribution of fire detection products in the Polish market by WEGTH Group FEGA.

     Mr. George Athanasiadis, CEO of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS POLSKA, and Mrs. Anna Daskalaki, Dipl. Electrical Engineer, gave a technical seminar to the Service Department of FEGA, presenting them with the most important products of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS range.

     OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A.. is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of electrical equipment, which, in almost forty years of successful operation, did not lose its family character and its original vision.

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A.. expands further its trading horizons, by developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state of the art technology at the most competitive price and by participating in the most dominant international events in the electrical equipment industry, always having a customer centric orientation.