Annual Celebration of the French Revolution of JULY 14TH

In the scope of WIMAs wide range of contacts for the purpose of promoting its membersactivities, theAssociation accepted an invitation from the French Embassy in Greece to participate in the annual celebration of the French Revolution of July 14th. With an impressive attendance of guests from political and business circles, the festivities were held in the beautiful gardens of the French Archaeological School in Athens

Representatives of WIMAattended the event together with members of the association, such as Mrs. Politis of Alpha Marine Group, as well as associates such as Mr. Stefanou of Eagle Shipping.

Also in attendance were members of the Greek government and of various political parties, and during the festivities, members of WIMA had the opportunity to connect with various political representatives and prominent members of the business community.

During his speech, the French Ambassador, Mr. Christophe Farnaud, announced his imminent transfer to a new post after his five years of service in Greece , and expressed his satisfaction to have “served in this country so full of humanity, so rich in history, so magnificent in the beauty of her landscapes”.

Also in attendance was Mr. Michel Bauza, Director of the Embassy’s Commercial Sector – UBIFRANCE’, who assured representatives of WIMA that our cooperation will also continue through the new Ambassador.


WIMA would like to wish Ambassador Farnaud every success at his new post.